Monday, January 21, 2008

EMRR: The John Lee Update

One might call this the John Lee update... He took advantage of the
YOU Flew It Campaign allowing me to move over a good number of flight logs from the personal file to the master file.

General update, but I want to thank all that reported problems within
the site, contest pages, and others. Still working on a number of new flight log/profile quirks... weird. Might have to
do a totally new re-write for flight logs again.

Also, wanted to take a minute and draw your addition to the
following Banner Ads:

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! (In alphabetical order):





Red Arrow

Enjoy the site.

Regards, Nick

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary EMRR! First 2008 Update (major)!

1/14/2008: Happy Anniversary EMRR! First 2008 Update

Happy Anniversary EMRR! 10 Years of enhancing the hobby! With that,
EMRR, is pleased to announce the year's first update.

We have the new 2008 EMRR Challenge and associated bonus contests
including Youth Participation and Design this Spaceship! Please notice the prizes:

2008 EMRR Challenge:

Youth Participation:

Design the Spaceship:

There have been many, many updates, so some things may have broken
links or not work. Please let me know by using the problem reporter at the bottom of each page.


Regards, Nick