Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's More To It Than I Thought

There is more to running a mail list than I thought. In January 2007, EMRR eliminated the Yahoo.Groups mailing list and brought it in-house...

... by creating and managing the list 100%. The impact was:

+ No more spam/ads going to list members from Yahoo
+ Many did not want to "join" Yahoo to get on the groups list
- Increased server costs due to e-mail flow
- Increased site administration to keep the list up-to-date
- Increased problems (Yahoo wanted to block our server domain, someone reported us to SpamCops)

So, with that, I'm happy to announce that we are introducing a new mailing list service through Bravenet. This will be advertisement free list and will address the many negatives to the internally managed EMRR list.

So shortly after this note, you will receive an Opt In request to the new list. Please follow the instructions and join up to ensure you are eligible for the EMRR Rocket Give-Away, most contests, and key information associated with EMRR.

If you did not receive the Opt In request, then please go HERE to sign-up.

I hope you find the new list beneficial. We recommend that you use it in combination with the following two links:


EMRR What's New RSS Feed


Come visit Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews:
Join our eLIST:

es-sence(es'uhns)- the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

EMRR's Favorite Moments

5 - EMRR on CD

My 5th favorite moment in EMRR is the production of the EMRR on CD. This was fun to put together and I learned a lot. Unfortunately one of the things I learned is how difficult it can be to put together a “dynamic” site into a “static” structure.

Closely tied to this was the 2006 Nay-Sayers Contest, where people were challenged to tell EMRR why they didn’t need an EMRR on CD.

FIRST PLACE: The real reason I can't purchase the EMRR on CD this time around is that my physician has advised me not to do so. My addiction to details and other rocket information has made my compulsion difficult to bear. I've lost my job, stolen my company laptop and I am now living out of my truck (with rocket trailer attached). I ran the truck off the road yesterday updating my hard drive with data from the EMRR CD. My doctor heard this and tried to pry it from my CD drive. He allowed me to keep it, knowing that I have nearly memorized the data but made me swear not to buy another one this year. My doctor sincerely hopes I am thwarted in this last ditch effort to acquire your CD.

I made five (5) EMRR on CD versions from 2002 to 2006. Will I ever do it again?  Hmmmm?

4 - EMRR Calendar

This was near the beginning of the NAR/TRA Legal Fund and I decided to develop a 2001 EMRR Calendar and provide all the profits to the Legal Fund. Working with various suppliers, Nadine Kinney (aka Photos by Nadine) and Shrox to put together this first EMRR Calendar. We sold exactly 100 and provided $609 to the NAR/TRA Legal Fund.

The comments were positive except that the calendar was classified as too "commercially".

This was encouraging and so we continued to make the calendar. For 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005 we send a combined amount of $2,090 to the NAR/TRA Legal Fund.

For 2004, there was a different focus: Save Rocketry Now Campaign for the commercial on the Discovery Channel and the Fly Rockets! Website. The calendar contributed $513 to that effort.

For 2005, along with the NAR/TRA Legal Fund, we provided a total of $250 to a number of TARC teams.

For 2006 and 2007, EMRR reduced the price and “gave back” to those purchasing the calendar.

For 2008, the was absolutely NOT going to be a new calendar. The interest was low and the effort to produce one was high. However, I received much urging and ended up producing a calendar through CafePress. This was the BEST decision and I wished I had discovered them years earlier because the quality was so much higher and the large size looks awesome on my wall.

So, the EMRR Calendar is my 4th favorite moment(s) in EMRR staring in 2001 and being reinvigorated in 2008!

3 - The RMR Descon Archive with Winner Interviews

December 10, 1997 a fellow suggested an rmr-based design contest. That person was Chris Timm.

It was kicked off in 1998 by Dave Lee so that modelers, rocketeers, and most specifically readers of the Usenet newsgroup rec.models.rockets could showcase their talents, display their design on the internet, and win the acclaim of their peers. Prizes were donated by those entering the contest or readers of the newsgroup who had extra goodies underfoot and wanted to put them to good use.

Starting in late 1999, Bob Fortune picked up and carried the ball from Descon 5 through 11. His handy work and added wackiness has kept the contests fun and progressive.

Starting in 2003, I took it over. That is not the most memorable moment. The moment came when I assemble the Archive page and was able to conduct a series of interviews with the contestants.

Check it out.

2 - 10th Anniversary Video

Okay, I know it’s a bit corny, but I like it and think it captures what EMRR is all about: People sharing experiences. Men, Women, Boys and Girls flying rockets. And the many, many hands that build and type reviews!

*All pics found on EMRR in reviews, contests, or elsewhere.

Honorable mention goes to my 7th Anniversary animated gif. This captures how EMRR brings together some many different suppliers of rocket products. One guest said that EMRR is the “best online catalog”.

1 - 2004 April Fool’s Joke

After the BIG event on 4/1/04 I wrote:

I have to admit, this has been the best day of my entire EMRR life! The notes have been wonderful, painful, and funny! Especially the "aw, ya got me" ones.

Many expressed... "
I know I didn't say thanks enough, but..."

I appreciate that, but if you want to express thanks:
  • Stay interactive (new reviews, feedback, tips)
  • Join the contests
  • Enter your flight logs
  • Visit the hobby shops that have banners on the site
  • Keep supporting the hobby and manufacturers
If you have a few minutes to kill, just read about the entire event.  Rockeeters are very expressive and creative!  Be prepared to laugh!

Next Up: Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT)

A Lot of Background Work

We did a bunch of background work on the site, including adding a What's New RSS feed. But, we also added a lot of what you come to read...

9 new reviews and articles. Some neat stuff from Scale to Paper and from Kits to Modifications.

Enjoy the site and let me know of any mistakes.

Regards, Nick

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quick Update to EMRR!

Only had time for a really quick update. Enjoy and don't forget...

The deadline is coming on for reviews on these kits:

  • Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf 5/16/08

  • Madcow Rocketry Patriot 5/16/08

Purchase, build, fly and review the above (2) kits by the due date to get a chance at the $120 shopping spree.

Enjoy the site and let me know of any mistakes.

Regards, Nick

Saturday, April 5, 2008

EMRR Site Updated! Deadline is coming up!

04/05/2008: Box O' Parts and Odd-Rocs!

The first 2008 EMRR Challenge deadline is coming up. This is for item #9 which needs to be demonstrated by 5/1. Let us know right away...

… and while you're at it, check your points out.

First Odd-Rocs Photo Contest and the first Youth Participation entries have been added.

Midnight tonight is the last opportunity to get us the two youths names for that change to win a NAR membership/magazine subscription.

New releases have made the EMRR Super Hit List.
  • Squirrel Works High 5 7/02/08

  • QModeling RMS-ANDROMEDA 7/03/08

The deadline is coming on for reviews on these kits:
  • Madcow Rocketry Sea Wolf 5/16/08

  • Madcow Rocketry Patriot 5/16/08

Purchase, build, fly and review the above (4) kits by the due date to get a chance at the $120 shopping spree.

Enjoy the site and let me know of any mistakes.

Regards, Nick