Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Deadlines, Deadlines...

You'd better get out there and fly your odd-rocs and take pictures;

get your Box 'O Parts rocket written up;

and turn in your Specific Rocket Tips or you will be missing out on some major prizes!

Looking for NERRF pictures for consideration for the EMRR Calendar.

Oh, yes, the site has had a big, big, update!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Articles are Coming Fast!

We appreciate all the effort to help us meet our quarterly challenge... keep the reviews and articles coming. We are keeping up as you can see with the frequency of updates.

Don't forget the deadline is coming for the Box '0 Parts contest.

Go fly a rocket and send me the pictures!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Do We Do It?

$28.95 - K&S Vapor Trail
$10.00 - Boe's Mushroom 'Chute
$ 6.25 - (2) D12-7 Motors
$ 2.15 - (1) C6-3 Motor
$ 1.00 - 24mm to 18mm adaptor
$ 0.75 - Wadding
$ 4.00 - Plasti-Kote Primer
$ 3.29 - True Value Paint
$56.39 - Not including time

Flight 1 - Cool!
Flight 2 - All Right!
Flight 3 - Stuck in a Tree


Does this make sense?


Don't forget your Who's Who Entry...

...to win a Loc Starfighter!

Our new "Do This - Win That" campaign has kicked off nicely, especially for rocket specific tips. Who's Who is behind.

We also have really come to the table with reviews and articles... Zowwie, this is the fourth update this month and look how many new articles we have. Keep them coming as we're going for a record.

Also, don't forget the active contests... tick-tock, tick-tock.

Play hard, fly easy.