Saturday, July 26, 2008

Winners...Winners - A Lot of Prizes!

Seems the Box O' Parts contest was a great success and may set the tone for an annual design contest.

Likewise, the unusual showed up for the Odd-Rocs photo contest and the winner is such a Hot Dog! (I will express my frustration with the lack of voters).

Due Now: Who’s Who Entry; Challenge #7 Entry; Rocket Video Contest.

RANT from eList Newsletter:

I hate the amount of work it takes to get prizes, entries and html work for contests, only to have relatively few Voters... I know there are a lot of visitors to the Free EMRR site... please get involved and vote for contests.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Essence Aerospace Technologies (EAT)

Essence’s Aerospace Technologies (EAT) was born from my desire to kit an 18mm Lambda Shuttle back in 2002. I thought I’d share a few historical comments about the designs:

18mm Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle (6/02): I initially started building a 29mm version and the 18mm version was only to test concept and flight stability. It worked and I received some encouraging words, such as, “hey, are you going to kit that thing?”. So I did. Thus the birth of Essence’s Aerospace Technologies took place. I made two runs of 18 on each of the kits. In fact, for the first batch each kit had its own unique number on the red-round decal for the upper fin… numbered 1 through 18. It was a fun experience, however, not a profitable one especially if “charged” for my time. I think the coolest part of the experience was hearing about others building and flying this very unique looking rocket.

18mm Mercury Transport (8/02): This was my second kit and came about in a very similar way. I was building a 29mm with a 3x cluster of 24mm version and wanted to test the concept. I personally thought this was a unique looking rocket and that it would have drawn more interest. The “Fusion Proton Rod Reactor Core” was surrounded by 6 offset fins. They were actually suspended over the core. I only sold 5 of these rockets. I have to admit, I did not do a good job packaging them, nor did I have a specific set of instructions.  

18mm Imperial Lambda-Class Shuttle II (1/04): I decided to make another batch of 18 kits with some enhancements that I added from a 24mm version I created. This one really did look nice with the Air Intakes, Upper Wing Supports and the decal set provided. This is the version that I based the Plan Pak on. I did sell a number of Plan Paks, which included the cutting templates and the decals. Now the Plan Pak is available for free on EAT and you will need to print your own decals.

18mm Interstellar Probe Kit (2/04): This kit was really designed to address a desire that I had in staging: that the staging occurs at a lower altitude to be able to observe it better. The Interstellar Probe did this by having a very high drag booster stage. Conceptually I knew this worked based on a 2002 Descon entry that I put together called the Push-Me, Pull-Me. I sold only 12 of these kits, but again, the thrill is seeing others build them and report back to me. NOTE: this rocket is now available in a Free Plan Pak on EAT.

Triatomic (8/04): This was a blast and fulfilled a desire I had to design a rocket with interchangeable motor mounts. More than that though, interchangeable motor mounts that really made it into a different rocket. I also incorporated a unique recovery system: a reverse “wadless” parachute cup. The “wadless” design worked well for me, but Bob Cox really improved upon the design. I sold 48 of these rockets and based a Virtual Rocket Contest around the concept. Great fun. I should also highlight the fact that the Transition design of the Triatomic is one of my favorite “looks” in model rocketry. Check out the now defunct FSI Sprint. (Yes, this picture is of the original kit I acquired and I will build it).

Lastly, how about the EAT Logo. This came from a Logo contest held on EMRR back August 2004. This was actually the 2nd place winner and was designed by Arley Davis. I liked it better than the 1st place winner and have adopted it.

So, now after nearly 4 years of not producing a new kit, why don’t I simply close the doors on Essence’s Aerospace Technologies (EAT). Well, 4 reasons:

1) EAT is such a cool acronym (I may be biased)
2) The Free Plan Paks are available
3) I have other ideas, but not the time right now
4) And lastly, “because”

Next Up: "I've been cheated, been mistreated..."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Please Vote for the Odd-Roc Photo Contest!

The site's update was catch-up for all the reviews that came in while we were getting the Box O' Parts entries up. 22 Reviews and Articles added (Thanks to Lance Alligood and Anthony Jackson!) Enjoy the update!

Oh, please vote in the Odd-Roc Photo Contest.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Box 'O Parts Entries all Posted!

This whole update was driven by the Box 'O Parts scratch entries. Some cool stuff here.

I do have a number of Odd-Roc Pics and reviews in the queue that I'll work on this week. Enjoy!

Do you have any calendar pictures to submit?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Winners Announced and More Contests

Nice to see that Glenn Little and Craig Zicafoose win some nice rocketry prizes. Don’t forget to join the eList to be eligible. There are many more prizes to win, but you have to participate, so get busy… deadlines are fast approaching.

Please send any NERRF4 pictures for consideration for the EMRR Calendar.