Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Bumps!

After feeling really good about a tweak to how OOP Vendors are listed and displayed, I went off for my day's activity.

I come home and look at e-mail and have a note from Jim Flis that one of his product's reviews was corrupt. Took me a few minutes, but I finally discovered the problem... EMRR ran out of space?!

"450 Write Error No Space Left on Device"

I deleted a bunch of LOG files ant took out about 20M of videos (temporarily). I then sent a note to tech support.

This AM no answer.

I'm making changes in 2009... 2008 has been a rough server year.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Youth Participation Winners Announced!

Nice update with a few more reviews and such.

Enjoy the Youth Participation contest entries.

Notice the deadline change on the Design this Spaceship contest!

I have to tell you, it was not my plan... but I just had to. Picture the scene:

"Johnny, why can't you turn in your design on time?"

Was the answer, the dog ate my rocket? NO! This was the answer:

"Maybe a little more info than you need (or want), but... kind of a varient on an old excuse, my dog pee'ed on my rocket.

He's getting old and losing his house breaking. I was working down on the
floor of our family room (watching TV while building). The dog came down,
stood right next to me and let go. I rushed him outside to finish but some
balsa and wraps I was working on got soaked (me too - but I could change my
clothes). Needing to make new parts.

I know it sounds strange, but you can't make this stuff up."

So, with this, how could I NOT extend the contest deadline?!

Friday, November 21, 2008

ALL Caught Up!

Yes, just 2 days after the last big update, here's more! That means we're all caught up. So if you don't see it posted, then we may not have it! Contact me.

Vote for Youth Participation please.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time for Vote - Youth Participation

It was a great contest and now it is time to vote. Please spend the time to read about the events and place your vote for your favorites.

Sorry for the long delay in an update. I got behind and then we found a bunch of reviews that needed formatted. Anyhow, enjoy this MASSIVE update.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two New Rocket Reviews?

Just found two new "Rocket Review" websites:

First here's a question: Does The AbRocket Exerciser Really Work?

How would you find out? You would want to read AbRocket Reviews

Then, if you are trying to get your absolute best SAT scores, you'll want to do a RocketReview! This book even uses the website

Well, regardless, there is only One True ROCKETREVIEWS!

Friday, November 7, 2008

2009 EMRR Calendar Released

Our 9th Year! Four sizes to choose from. Enjoy the calendar.

New reviews, too.

We have some in our queue and will be working to clean them out here over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Time Saving Actions...

So, since I last started working on this, I have:

  • Made it so review/article drafts are automatically deleted with the update or submission of the review/article
  • Automatically deleted the zero-length files that get created by PERL when Flight Pics are not successfully uploaded
  • Have a Feedback/Opinion validaton process for automatic adds to the databases
  • Changed the Who's Who photo on the Home page to automatically be random
  • Added Verify Text to Feedback form to stop the last leak to those pesky robots that auto-fill forms!

Overall, when combined with the other activities, I have made some significant changes to the site that has drastically reduced the admin time... that's a good thing.


EMRR opened their website doors on 1/14/98 and by 1/26/98, EMRR received its first site award: Rokkit Scientist Great Web Site Award

Funny thing is, I don’t know anything else about this. I cannot find a link to their site or anything. I do recall that their site had a lot of banners and various other Rokkit logo type things. Their site also had two reviews: Estes Industries Airwalker and the Estes Industries Corkscrew. We got permission to archive them on EMRR.

The other awards came in quickly: MNetWeb Site Award, Eternity Best of the Web Award, 009's Great Rocketry Site Award and the Design World 3rd Place Design Award! Then a couple months later the Market-Tek Award and then lastly the Moobabs Award.

Market-Tek is still active and sells a product called Web Promotion 101. A search of their past “winners” does not show that EMRR received an award from them.

For the most part there is no information left on the web about any of these.

Looking back it was all vanity and by 2001 I had stripped the site of these so called awards.

van-i-ty (van'i tee) lack of real value; worthlessness.

Next Up: myEMRR

Tuesday, November 4, 2008