Tuesday, December 23, 2008


That's the number of files currently active on EMRR.

That's the number of files that I need to download to have an exact image of the old server.

Once complete and verified, I will:

  • Upload files to new server

  • Shut-off Input Scripts

  • Upload most up-to-date databases to new server

  • Switch the domain pointer

Hope to be active by 12/27.


Winners, Winners and more Winners!

We announced all the winners for Design this Spaceship, EMRR Challenge and Quarterly Rocket Give-Away. That should be a wrap for this year's contests!

PLEASE thank all the sponsors and help them out with your next round of purchases.

Remember, buying from those the support EMRR will ultimately help EMRR!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

EMRR Design Winners and Challenge Finalized

First, thanks for all the feedback to my last BLog entry.

Second - CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the 2008 Design this Spaceship Contest. First place for 2nd year in a row... Ray King! Is he unstoppable?

Third - CONGRATULATIONS to Les Bradshaw who was randomly picked for the 12/15 Quarterly Rocket Give-Away.

Fourth - I have updated the 2008 EMRR Challenge and will have the winners randomly drawn on Monday... Please check your scores (last chance).

Last - Had a nice conversation with Estes yesterday and I'm motivated to run another Youth Outreach type contest, so start making your plans again... any ideas on the contest rules? I'm thinking getting youths to a NAR/TRA launch and document with Pics and Story.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your thoughts and input are needed:

1) Does EMRR keep an eList Newletter? Do you like it? Is it needed?  
     a. PRO’s
          i. Easy way for me to send update notices and highlight key things going on
          ii. Easy way to ask for contestants information (and I’ve gotten more rigid on this including skipping prize selection if I don’t hear back)
     b. CON’s
          i. There is a cost associated with running the eList through BraveNet.  

2) Hit List. For 2009, I decided to have a Guest Generated Hit List, so go to your pile and identify some rockets that you plan to build in 2009 that are NOT already reviewed on EMRR. Send me that list and they will show up on the Hit List, along with some others.
3) Before TRF went down, I asked for a volunteer to be our Public Relations person. Someone did a private message that I would consider, but TRF is down. Would anyone else like to step-up and help out with EMRR for 2009 in this PR assignment? Need to be able to manage e-mail, be a positive supporter of EMRR, make calls and such to coordinate banner ads and prizes for contests.

4) EMRR Budget. Not usually a big public topic, however, this year we went over budget by $673. The over-runs were driven by back-payment for server fees, the expensive Box ‘O Parts contest, NAR Memberships for 6 youths in EMRR’s Youth Outreach program, some software needs to make the site easier to manage, and the two-year payment for the new server (yes, we’re switching). With those costs taken out it looks like it takes about $1,300* to run EMRR the way we have over the years as we go into 2009. Initial inquires for 2009 banner ads and SuperHit List sponsorship have been low. EMRR Calendars sales are 1/3rd of what they were last year. These are probably signs of the economy. We will run our standard 14-day Fund Raising period from Jan 1 – 14, but what other ideas do you have for helping EMRR cover its cost?

* Note: bare minimum operating cost for the year is about $570, the additional costs come from prizes purchased, postage, SuperHit List (which is Manufacturer sponsored).

5) EMRR Blog – Is this something we should continue? Have you found the Blog to be a nice addition to EMRR?

6) What’s New RSS Feed - Is this something we should continue? (if you are not signed up click here

7) Here is a list of plans for 2009:
     a. Switch Servers
     b. Kill Chat
     c. Finish Admin pages for RockSIM and SpaceCAD for Dick Stafford
     d. Finish Flight Management Profile Page
     e. Update/upgrade myEMRR pages
     f. Clean up some side-boxes in Search and What’s new
     g. Re-do Flight Logs What’s New to be like Flight Logs with Pictures

Monday, December 15, 2008


myEMRR was introduced in May 1999. It became a way to have a customized portal into the rocketry world of the internet.

myEMRR was a very challenging script to write and learn. I had to learn about cookies and create user dependent files with passwords. In addition, I had to create the ability for guests to customize their page. It was a beneficial for a lot of other script writing activity that took place from 1999 forward.

The initial release allowed for the following that was easily customizable:

  • Unique Log in Page to set as your home page
  • Quick links to (3) three favorite vendors archives on EMRR
  • Quick links to (5) five favorite keyword searches on EMRR (like stubby or glider)
  • Quick links to (5) five favorite vendor home pages
  • Quick links to (5) five favorite rocketry home pages
  • Quick links to (5) five favorite other home pages
  • Quick links to Rocketry Online and InfoCentral
  • Quick links to NAR, Tripoli, CAR, and IAR
  • Google Search Box
  • RocketryOnline News box
  • Customized Weather Box
  • Customized (3) three banners (initially populated by EMRR)

By September of 1999, myEMRR had:
  • Quick links to What's New Since
  • An EMRR Super Search (exclusive to myEMRR pages)
  • A Parachute and Streamer size calculator (exclusive to myEMRR pages)
  • A revamped Admin page

Then in 2000, we added:
  • Quick links to all of your reviews, flight logs, and home page

In 2001, we introduced the new and much improved myEMRR! Fully integrated with the site, so that the “Home” button was now automatically replaced with the personalized "myEMRR" page. We also added:
  • Rocketopia News and World News Ticker
  • Quick links to Flight Profile and RockSIM’s

From 2001 through 2006, we didn’t pay much attention to myEMRR. A few tweaks here and there when various features stopped working (like Rocketopia News). Also, we eliminated the “exclusive” calculators and placed them in a Tools section for everyone to have access to.

Then in 2007, we got busy. Although fundamentally the same, the favorite links went from (5) five to (10) ten in the Favorite Rocketry Sites, Vendors Home Pages, Hobby Stores, and Other sections. We now have search boxes for Google, RocketryPlanet, RocketryOnline, or Space.com. In addition, you can toggle whether you want your links out to open a new window or not.

EMRR has plans for the myEMRR page in 2009 to address one of the concerns that has been expressed; that the announcements are not found on that page.

Next Up: Stories

Time to Vote for Design this Spaceship Contest!

Last contest of the year. Please make the time to vote in this contest. Enjoy the update. EMRR Challenge contestants, please check all your scores!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

6 Days Left for Design this Spaceship Contest!

A nice update or reviews along with three contest entries for the Design this Spaceship Contest. Perhaps there are more coming, but I think this was not too popular this year. I have been working a 2009 EMRR change. The testers have reported that things seem a-okay. So just about ready.

Been thinking about the EMRR Challenge for 2009. Any ideas? How about the Spaceship Design contest?