Saturday, May 15, 2010

EMRR is For Sale?!

After much self-analysis and consideration of priorities and values, I have decided to sell Essence’s Model Rocketry Reviews and Resources. Essentially the issue is that there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days per week… so I’m out of available time!

Now, for a long period of time, I got around that. How you may ask? Well, in 1997 while managing a project in Virginia, I authorized that we go to a 28-hour day. That declaration greatly improved our ability to get the job done –AND- afforded me additional time to work on EMRR.

That worked well for some time, however, by the year 2001 while in Vermont, I could see issues with a service product we were delivering to a customer, so once again I had to act in an extraordinary way. I declared that there were now 8 days per week. As you can imagine, this opened up even more time that the act of 1997!

While I believe it is still within my power to create a 13th month, I feel that I must reserve that one for the future.

Therefore, as stated, it is time to move on from EMRR.

All interested parties may contact me for discussion and transition terms. As an alternative, I would be willing to discuss someone taking over the webmastering/administration of it as well.

In the mean time, at least for the remainder of 2010, I will maintain the site as best as possible (along with the 3-4 others that continue to help me… thanks). I hope to address the remaining 1-2 script bugs that I am aware of as well.
I hope you continue to enjoy the site and show patience.